November 10, 2012

Book Club.

I do love books sometimes the cover more then the tale it tells. For me a cover can hold so much more possibility and potential than the fixed words printed between each end. Though yes there can be more and more elements added to a story each time you read it but I think its an awful pity that the characters can't learn along with the reader and 'try again' on the next sitting. The reader fascination with the classics makes it unsurprising that the book clutch has become a kooky fashion statement courtesy of  Olympia Le-Tan and Kate Spade.

You shouldn't judge a book by its cover but should you judge the girl by the book clutch she clings to?

Images via Zimbio, We Heart It

I've been wanting a book clutch for a nearly a year now so decided to use my upcoming college ball as an excuse to treat myself to one.With both Olympia Le-Tan and Kate Spade's price tags being out of my range I turned to Essy and found a delectable range by Italy based seller Jessica Bermudez Bautista of psBesitos and purchsed this Lolita clutch pictured below. I'm happy to say it arrived yesterday and I couldn't love it more! Stay tuned to see how I style it x