November 6, 2012


I'm a huge Bond fan and naturally rushed to the see Skyfall as soon as it was released. Well more than a week later and I still have the movie stuck in my head most importantly I have its costumes stick in my head. While yes the Bond girls had some divine ensembles it was Craig's attire I remain more interested in; the clean lines, the fresh forms and the lasting sharp impression. This is power dressing at its androgynous best as it commands respect and holds a brand new air of authority. Whether a tailored grey, modern metallic or opulent velvet the new suit can be worn from desk to bar with the simply undoing of a ponytail or the loosening of a collar. For more borrowed from the boys inspiration check out my older posts 'Dress Me Like a Lady Boy' and 'Driving Miss Dandy'.

This is the man's suit improved by the woman's body.

Images via Do It Like a Dude

Will you be trying?