December 19, 2014

Nava Flat Iron.

Dipping my feet back into the world of beauty and reviews I was delighted to try out new brand Nava. The Nava Flat Iron is a dynamic styling tool is designed with 100% solid ceramic plates that distribute heat evenly across the iron. Even heat distribution eliminates damaging hot spots and straightens the hair with one single pass. 

I have naturally quite curly hair with a strong kink and loved the versatility of this Nava Flat Iron. This appliance allows me the option of just softening some unruly curls to loose natural flick or wave, or a more sophisticated straight finish. Best of all the temperature control allows you to adjust the heat to your comfort level and avoid that dried out after effect. The Sutra Flat Iron also uses FAR Infrared Technology, a form of heat that mends broken hair cuticles, resulting in softer, healthier and shinier hair and so alleviating my hair-care concerns. 

The Nava flat iron will be sold exclusively in the UK and its UK based website - retails at £79.99.

December 17, 2014


The best gift I ever received for Christmas was from a great love. He created a private Winter Wonderland in his tiny box room. I was crowned Queen for a day; queen not of ice and not of snow but of a magical kingdom of lights all a glow. My land was as white as his cotton sheets and everything the fairy-lights touched was ours. A trail of tiny boxes lead the way to my makeshift throne and in each was a small gift as a sort of stepping stone stocking fillers.

For the best gift is true attention - attention to detail, attention paid to the likes and whims of a loved one, and most of all taking the time to let them be the focus of your attention - let them be the king or queen of Winter Wonderland this Christmas.

Visit Kildare Village and embrace the festive spirit within a wonderful world of retail luxury and indulgence. Enjoy exceptional offers, late-night shopping and eateries guaranteed to restore festive cheer, alongside special seasonal events and surprises

December 16, 2014

Sweater Weather.

For that city girl with her world in a whirl - from the daily grind to party time let there be warmth and cheer without the spillage of beer. From day to night she has her festive spirit wrapped up tight - with all her party attire safely stowed in her trusty backpack she's in plenty of time to belt out some of the old Rat Pack.

"Oh by gosh, by golly,

It's time for mistletoe and holly,

Fancy ties and Grandma's pies
And folks stealing a kiss or two,
As they whisper Merry Christmas to you..."

All from Modcloth

Check out for more festive inspiration x

December 12, 2014

Stocking Fillers For Him and Her.

For Him.
The Big Lebowski pencils from OneUp designs, Ernest Hemingway quote print by Ryan Sheffield, waxed canvas saddle bag by Anhaica Bagworks, das Horn from the Joy Store, Wes Anderson inspired phone case by Very Troubled Child and The Barber Beard Bourbon from The Greedy Pig.

For Her.

Bag from Topshop, Sylvia Plath quote print by Ryan Sheffield, pencils from Miss Poppy Designs, mug from Urban Outfitters, Wes Anderson inspired phone case, and Andrea Garland Hydrating Violet Facial Oil

December 2, 2014

Queen of Hearts - Next 'Christmas Wish List'

For the Queen of Hearts - buy her something to wear while your apart. Present to her your heart to pin upon her sleeves and your love to shuffle and deal. For this is the trickster who in whose house you will always win.

Richard Prince

All from Next 

May 2, 2014

Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone.

There is a war inside my core.
I hear it fight, I hear it roar.
Go ahead, go ahead.
Lay your head where it burns.

A devil's hand across my heart,
As we dance through the dark.
So go ahead, go ahead,
Love me deep, until you can't.

Images vis Blauland
Lyrics 'Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone' Lykke Li

May 1, 2014

Blau Bought.

Here's a look at my most recent purchases x

Choker - ASOS, Perfume - Gucci, All rest - Topshop

April 23, 2014

Surya Brasil Reader Giveaway.

I’m offering one lucky reader the chance to win luxury Sapien Women skin care products from Surya Brasil - win a Sapien Women Shower Gel and a Sapien Women Facial Scrub.

Join Surya Brasil in making the world a better place! The company with a conscience has created a natural, organic and 100% vegan skincare collection for the face and body. Created with a naturally delicious coconut, mango, raspberry and vanilla scent and exotic ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest from sustainable organic farming, this collection is ideal for all skin types and leaves skin feeling silky, smooth, soft and hydrated. This skin care collection does not contain harmful and toxic ingredients like ethyl alcohol, sulphates or silicone. 

Available from

April 22, 2014

Powder Pink.

Marie Zucker

Her skin lay bare, powder pink.
Rosebud lips in your skin did sink.
A petal of fire, 
stemmed from desire.

Torn by thorns,
and trampled to the ground.

April 20, 2014

I'm Feeling Hot to the Touch.

Down on the West Coast, they got a saying
If you're not drinking, then you're not playing
But you've got the music, you've got the music in you, don't you?

Images via Blauland

Down on the west coast, they love their movies
Their golden cars and rock-n-roll groupies
And you got the music, you got the music in you, don't you?

You push it hard I pull away
I’m feeling hotter than fire
I guess that no one ever really made me feel that I’m a child
Didn’t say you gotta know, boy it's you I desire

Lyrics 'West Coast' by Lana Del Rey

March 19, 2014

Pebble Cut Knees.

She looks up at you with that look of knowing - she knows how life is meant to be lived. She knows the feeling of sand between her toes, the sting of pebble cut knees and the thrill of unrepeatable moments. It's the stories she can't tell you that would captivate you must - the music, the magic and the moon. She loves her men but its her friends is cherishes most - the ones she can lie in silence with, the ones who don't need to hear her stories because they can see them in her eyes.


March 15, 2014


She tired of a world where real human interaction was as fleeting a Snapchat sentiment. She tired of a world where your true love catch was last nigh's Tinder match. Log out, deactivate and relocate. This bitch chooses sand over cyber, sun over charger and sea over screen.

Images via my Pinterest

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