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Get Your Kids Excited About Exercise – Concern about Kids Health

In today’s world, the lures of the internet, social media, and television keep kids sitting inside without any exercise. We know that obesity and heart disease is a major problem in the U.S., and we also know that they are completely connected. Reports show that around 26 percent of children in Canada are either obese or overweight, suggesting that the formation of unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyles begins at an early age. To develop properly, build a healthy bone structure and understand weight-related issues, children should be exercising for at least forty-five minutes to an hour each day. More that half of the child population fails to meet that recommendation.

It shouldn’t be this difficult to get your kids excited about exercise. Parents of all kids of generations have snuck vegetables into favorite dishes, negotiated a path through catastrophes, and resolved complex issues resulting from the minds of their precious offspring. We know that the easiest way to get kids involved in exercise isn’t to sit down and convince them, but to make it fun without letting them know it’s good for them! One wonderful opportunity to do so is with the help of a backyard jungle gym from Play Rainbow, which provides a space of leisure designed for young minds and guarantees convenient proximity to your home.

This is a way to incorporate fun, exercise, and healthy social skills and ensure that everything happens under your supervision. These play areas provide a break from the monotonous routine of meals, drives to and from school or daycare, clean-ups, and screen-time, and in doing so, they provide both leisure and activity. Child psychologists have studied the fact that the more social, outgoing, and active kids are at an early age, the smarter and healthier their lives will be later on. Take the opportunity to invite neighbors and friends over so that they get the chance to be creative together! Running, jumping, skipping, and climbing should be regular movements in any kid’s life. Plus, with Play Rainbow systems, you can add age-appropriate parts as the kids grow, customizing the structure with swings, monkey bars, and more. Walk right out the back door to your house instead of driving to the park — there are no more excuses for not getting enough exercise!

Another option, once they’re a little bit more grown-up, is to install a basketball net in the driveway or yard. Encouraging pre-teens to be athletic can be a real lifesaver because it gets them interested in activities other than computers and video games. A healthy dose of competition is a wonderful thing and teaches youngsters what they’re capable of, along with skills like teamwork. Play a game of “horse” after dinner on summer nights with your teenagers to get to know them better! This is also perfect if you don’t have a lot of room in your yard because aPlay Rainbow net can be placed in many different locations. You can use your entire backyard as a court if you want!

A recreational atmosphere in the home will boost everyone’s mood and can create a wonderful atmosphere of health and fitness.

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