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Sexual desire and lust have their origin in the hypothalamus (the most primitive part of the brain), where there are a number of communications and chemical reactions that cause the body to be ready and desertion- sex.

Yet he knew that in both sexes, in this biological interaction effects mainly increase testosterone levels in the blood. However, it seems that conflict arises between men and women … more

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, and sexual desire in women it is not purely hormonal and emotional stability but for women associated with someone else.

Jane Christensen explains in an article published in the online edition of CNN, and this research shows that “women need more than just energy.”The role of testosterone

Science explains sexual desire based on testosterone levels in the blood. For men, this hormone helps to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse, while women especially act and increase libido.

Testosterone in the blood is not decisive in women more or less likely to want to have sex show

However, Dr. John Randolph, director of research, and his team seems to have found that the role of testosterone in women is not as important as other psychological factors.

In fact, in the case of women who are in menopause or those forced to remove the ovaries, and hormone levels it is much lower, however, they have shown that it is not necessary to be critical in the degree of excitement and libido. Trace the origin of sexual desire in women

To conduct the study took blood samples from 3302 women and noted the presence of reproductive hormones and control the amount of testosterone in relation to the desire and excitement showed.

Thus, they found that women with higher levels of testosterone feel more sexual desire than those with lower amounts, but as Randolph said, “The difference was disappointing.”

This means that the hormone testosterone in the blood is not conclusive that women are more or less likely to want to have sex show. The question is clear. If the desire not to respond to the chemical response of the organism: What do women want?

I have a sense of the mood of the public health and welfare, which is the key for a woman to be greater than the libido. (Stoke)

I have a sense of the mood of the public health and welfare, which is the key for a woman to be greater than the libido. (Stoke)

The perfect combination: sexual desire and emotional well-being

The study results showed that women who were more stable and less often felt sad mood felt a greater degree of sexual desire and keep them more fun relationships.

Conviction emotionally in the relationship between them had more effect on the libido or testosterone levels and other biological agents.

“I have a health and well-being feeling the mood is the key for a woman to be the largest of sexual desire,” said Randolph, according to the study.

No, not missing a couple of counters

The study does not take a couple of sets. In any case, we are talking about the emotional stability of women as agents of change in sexual appetite.

Be and feel good about themselves increases safety, and thus helps to enjoy more from all walks of life, including sex.

There is a sense of health and well-being and the key for a woman to be greater than the libido

Apart from the effect of testosterone levels in the body, and in contact with the results of the study, when we talk about sex, and a maximum of is that self-confidence is more important than it was with another. Female Viagra

Currently under investigation are medications that can enhance the female libido, but there is still no cure. And that although, as Christensen explains, “up to one-third of adult women may experience sexual desire a minor activity” (low interest in sex).

Randolph believes that “it is not right that in the case of women can not be solved with a pill.” Since then, as noted, the solution is not in the hormone testosterone, the doctor suggests that women who are dissatisfied with low sex drive, and have no hormonal problem diagnosis, they can doctor sees to analyze how psychological factors may affect.

Sexual Desire Improvement Tips

Meredith Chivers, from Queen’s University (Canada), for sexual relations is necessary “to stimulate the brains of women.” Identified doctors, neuroscientists, and psychologists in the past decade, some of the tricks that help to awaken the female desire.


According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women who take at least one bar of dark chocolate a day greater sexual desire and sexual experience more fun. And what is more interesting: he was working at any age.


Practicing yoga regularly not only reduces stress and inflammation. Scientists have found (USA) Harvard Medical School that the repetition of positions or the “asanas” feature of this activity for a period of twelve weeks, at least for the extension of desire, arousal, lubrication, and a number of orgasms in women 22-55 years old.

 Cholesterol in the Gulf

Katherine Esposito and colleagues from the University of Dili have shown SECONDA Studi in Naples (Italy) that women with high levels of cholesterol and other fats in the blood seen a significant decrease in arousal, orgasm, and desire. At the same time, Annamaria Veronelli, University of Milan, has problems related to sexual dysfunction female suffering from diabetes, obesity, and decreased activity of the thyroid gland.


With experience in more than a thousand pairs of twin sisters, scientists at the University of King stressed? S College London that women with emotional intelligence the ability to manage their emotions and tremors ajenos- is the weakness of the rest of the women. According to Tim Spector, author of the study, in the wake of the results is no doubt that “intelligence is an advantage even in bed.”

A glass of wine

A few years ago, researchers at the University of Florence (Italy) employ 800 women between the ages of 18-50 years to study whether drinking red wine has no effect on female libido. Experiences that echoed the Journal of Sexual Medicine, showed that eating one or two glasses of wine a day increases the libido. Scientists believe that because of this mixture of antioxidants to increase blood flow to key areas in the body.

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